We live in a digital world. Almost anyone can get quality recordings on their own with relatively low investments. It's when you need the next level of commercial quality where I come in. I can take your projects and mix and master them into finished commercial ready products. 


No matter how big or small your project is I can help. When it comes to audio projects, it is always best to have another set of ears to listen and tweak it. If you have a project your working on, no matter what stage your in, let me take a listen and let you know how I can help. I can take care of recording or voice over work. If you already have that completed I can provide you with a professional mix and a commercial quality master. 

Located in Orlando FL, this full service 32 channel HD recording facility has everything needed for high quality recording, mixing, and mastering. The studio is set up with top DAW systems like Pro Tools 11, Cubase 7.5, and Wavelab as well as top notch rack gear and plugins. I use JBL LSR monitors to get the mix right everytime. As far as microphones, we have a mix of Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG and Shure to get the best sound out of any instrument.  


Orlando, FL, United States              (407)603-1101            info@cainelee.com



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